Master of Arts, University of Cambridge, England

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Architecture, Iowa State University


Registered Architect, Canada, O.A.A.

Registered Architect, U.S.A., N.C.A.R.B.

Registered Architect, North Carolina

Registered Architect, Puerto Rico

Registered Planner, Canada, M.C.I.P.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London (RSA)

Fellow of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA)

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, MRAIC

International Solar Energy Society

Tau Beta Pi, Honorary Engineering Society

Tau Sigma Delta, Honorary Architectural Society


1973 Private Practice, Toronto

1971 Architect, Housing, Milton Keynes

1967 Architect, Housing, Greater London Council, London

Academic Work

1982 (Tutor- Five years)University of Toronto, Climate and Architecture Course

1973 Critic – Nova Scotia Technical College, University of Waterloo, Carleton University

1968 (Tutor -Four years) Architecture, Cambridge University, England

1968 (Tutor-One year) School of Architecture, Trondheim, Norway

1967 Tutor-One year) Architectural Association, London

1964 (Professor-Two years) School of Design, North Carolina State University


Ontario Association of Architects Conference •Urban Design Institute, Toronto

Eastern Chapter Canadian Institute Planners, Ottawa •Southwestern Chapter Ontario, C.I.P.

North Dakota Chapter, A.I.A.• University of Cincinnatti, School of Architecture

Cannadore College, North Bay• Canadian Real Estate Association, Calgary, Ottawa,

National Conference of Canadian Institute of Planners, Chairman, Conservation Seminar

Ntl. Conference of Canadian Inst. of Planners, address on solar and energy planning

Ntl. Real EstateAssociation, Reno,• Wave Hill Gardens, N.Y.C. Chicago Art Institute,

New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx •Longwood Gardens, Philadelphia, Ryerson Polytechnique,Toronto


1973 Canada Council Fellowship

1971 Brancusi Travelling Fellowship

1962 Fellowship to the University of Pennsylvania

1962 School Medal of the A.I.A.

1961 Regional Winner Lloyd Warren Fellowship

Residential-Private Clients

2013 Casa Chaviano, Childers, Vieques, Puerto Rico

2013 Casa Bickford, Vieques, Puerto Rico

2012 Charles Hix House, Clayton, Iowa

2012 Martindale Beach House, Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas

2011 Beasley/Landau Desert House, Palm Desert, California

2011 Fredricks Compound, Long Island, Bahamas

2008 Yaremko House Vieques, P.R.

2008 Toledano + Serrano House Vieques, P.R.

2008 Maaskant House St. Lucia

2006 Martin/Mazzocca House + Guest House Vieques, P.R.

2005 Gorman/Johansson House Vieques, P.R.

2005 Monte Brisas Lot 4, Lewis Vieques Properties Inc Vieques, P.R.

2001 Wright House Vieques, P.R.

1999 Baena House Mono Mills, Ont.

1999 Cowperthwaite House Caledon, Ont.

1999 Karasiuk House Bolton, Ont.

1996 Day House Thunder Beach, Ont.

1996 Beasley/Landau House Toronto, Ont.

1994 Gordon House Creemore, Ont.

1993 Grover House Nova Scotia

1992 Vieques House Puerto Rico

1990 Mercer House Caledon, Ont.

1989 Koziar House Oshawa,Ont.

1989 Grillo House Orillia, Ont.

1988 Jasiuk/Moum House Orangeville,Ont.

1988 Cameron House Meaford, Ont.

1988 Barker Residence Coldwater, Ont.

1988 Prichard Residence Shanty Bay, Ont.

1987 Watters Residence Cookstown, Ont.

1987 Cousens Residence Brantford, Ont.

1987 Dodds Residence Orangeville, Ont.

1987 Villa Mohos Caledon, Ont.

1987 Farquharson Residence Alliston, Ont.

1986 Crispo Residence Hamilton, Ont.

1986 Robinette House Lake Rousseau, Ont

1986 Christianson House Terra Cotta, Ont.

1985 Morphy House Terra Nova, Ont.

1985 Hoffman-Pansino House North York, Ont.

1984 Parrott House Cambridge, Ont.

1984 House “Linda” Staff House, Quetico Centre Atikokan, Ont.,

1983 Van den Top Residence Grimsby, Ont.

1983 Black Residence North York Ont.

1983 Pegg House addition King Twp., Ont.

1983 Cation Sunroom addition Brampton, Ont.

1983 Plumb House Kendall Ont.

1983 Macklam House Minden, Ont.

1982 Cowperthwaite underground addition Caledon, Ont.

1982 Donnelly Sunroom addition Mono Mills, Ont.

1982 Eberts Sunroom addition Schomberg, Ont.

1982 Assaff House Collingwood, Ont.

1982 Aimer Sunroom addition King City, Ont.

1982 Heidenrich House Hamilton, Ont.

1981 Edel House Ottawa, Ont.

1981 Wood House King Twp., Ont.

1981 Emerson House Beeton, Ont.

1981 Fis House Port Perry, Ont.

1981 Fitzgerald House Penetanguishene, Ont.

1980 Thouard House Collingwood Twp., Ont.

1980 Scovell House Nottawasaga Twp., Ont.

1980 Bond House Adjala Twp., Ont.

1980 Korchinsky House Stouffville., Ont.

1980 Pegg House King Twp., Ont.

1979 Hix Alpha House Tottenham, Ont.

1979 Wilkins House Birch Island, Ont.

1979 Potts House King Twp., Ont.

1979 Alpha House Tecumseth Twp., Ont.

1979 Freedman House Creemore, Ont.

1978 Allen House Port Perry, Ont.

1977 Mercado House Pory Perry, Ont.

1977 McGrath House Caledon, Ont.

1977 Madden House Napanee, Ont.

1975 Taylor House Caledon, Ont.

1974 Provident House King Twp., Ont.

1969 Maximum Space House Cambridge, Great Britain

Institutional & Commercial Projects

1990-2012 Hix Island House Hotel (19 Loft retreats) Vieques, P.R.

2008 YMCA Camp PineCrest Girl’s Shower House Torrance, Ont.

2008 YMCA Camp PineCrest OutTripping Building Torrance, Ont.

2002 John Hix Conservation Centre, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Utopia, Ont.

1997 YMCA Camp PineCrest Boys Solar Shower House Torrance, Ont.

1996 YMCA Camp PineCrest Ecology House Torrance, Ont.

1995 YMCA Camp PineCrest Central Facility Torrance, Ont.

1991 Environmental Learning Centre, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority Angus, Ont.

1990 Quetico Centre Forest Lounge Atikokan, Ont.

1989 Quetico Centre Dining Hall and Lounge Atikokan, Ont.

1988 Schomberg Spa Addition Schomberg, Ont.

1988 Quetico Centre, Conference Hall Addition Atikokan, Ont.

1988 York Region Real Estate Board Head Office Newmarket, Ont.

1988 Nottawasaga Conservation Authority Centre Utopia, Ont.

1988 Pottageville Park Pavilion Pottageville, Ont.

1987 CIBA-GEIGY Canada, Centre of Excellence Plattsville, Ont.

1987 Shopping Mall and Train Station Tottenham, Ont.

1987 Medical Clinic and Professional Building Tottenham, Ont.

1987 General Motors Sales Building Thunder Bay, Ont.

1986 Quetico Centre, Office Building Atikokan, Ont.

1985 Quetico Centre, Leisure and Sports Building Atikokan, Ont.

1984 Visitor’s Centre Quetico Park, Ministry of Natural Resources Atikokan, Ont.

1984 High School Gymnasium/Theatre Addition Atikokan, Ont

1984 Quetico Centre, Conference Hall Atikokan, Ont.

1983 Quetico Centre, 3-28 unit dormitories Atikokan, Ont.

1983 Graham Products Headquarters Inglewood, Ont.

1981 Visitors Centre, Petroglyphs Park, Ministry of Natural Resources Peterborough, Ont.

1981 Post Office, Public Works Canada Font Hill, Ont.

1981 Low Energy Comm. Complex, Pbl.Wks.Canada Regina, Sask.

1981 Low Energy Office Building, Pbl. Wks. Canada Sherbrooke, Que.

1981 Restaurant and Office Building, 511 Bloor St. Toronto, Ont.

1980 Harridges Department Store Scarborough, Ont.

1980 Harridges Department Store, Bayview Village North York, Ont.

1977 Harbourfront Wintergardens, DPW Toronto, Ont.

1973 Harridges Department Store London, Ont.

1973 Shopping Centre, Delta Mar Corp. Oakville, Ont.

1971 Carter Design Studios Foxton, G.B.

Residential-Corporate Clients

1993 Society of St. Vincent de Paul 164 units East York, Ont.

1989 Fox Fell Quaker Cohousing 70 units(unbuilt) Orillia,Ont.

1990 Tottenham Court Condominium 43 unit senior citizen Tottenham, Ont.

1986 Bethesda United Church (feasibility) 100 unit senior citizen Mississauga, Ont.

1984 CMHC Semi-D Houses prototype Sudbury, Ont.

1984 CMHC Town Houses prototype Sudbury, Ont.

1983 United Church(feasibility) 24 unit senior citizen Inglewood, Ont.

1983 Quetico Centre 3-28 unit dorm Atikokan, Ont.

1982 City of Hamilton 50 townhouses Hamilton, Ont.

1980 Phoenix Homes Corp. 16 singles London, Ont.

1979 McClintock Homes prototype 3 singles King Twp., Ont.

1978 Cadillac Fairview 2000 townhouses South March, Ont.

1978 Permanent Construction 6 singles Prince Albert, Sask.

1978 Ontario Housing Corp. 30 unit senior citizen Aylmer, Ont.

1978 McClintock Homes 6 townhouses Scarborough, Ont.

1977 Beeder Turf Corp. 12 singles Beeton, Ont.

1976 McClintock Homes 6 townhouses Scarborough,Ont.

1975 Foxleigh Development Corp. 75 townhouses Oakville, Ont.

1974 Sea Ranch Corp. 30 townhouses Oakville, Ont.

1974 McClintock Homes Provident House King Twp., Ont.

1974 Bellrob Corp. 60 townhouses Oakville, Ont.

1974 Real Mar Corp. 120 semi-detached Oakville, Ont.

1974 Delta Mar Corp. 35 townhouses Oakville, Ont.

1968 Greater London Council 2,000 townhouses Cheshunt, England

Renovation + Addition

1999 Cousens House Brantford, Ont.

1999 Rotman House Toronto, Ont.

1993 Davies House Toronto, Ont.

1993 McKay House Toronto, Ont.

1992 MacDonough Residence Toronto, Ont.

1990 Barr Residence Toronto, Ont.

1990 Loftus Residence Toronto, Ont.

1990 Mulvihill Residence Collingwood, Ont.

1990 Trafford Residence Mississauga,Ont.

1990 Golder Residence Tottenham, Ont.

1989 Wassenaar Residence East York, Toronto,Ont.

1989 Grillo Residence Toronto, Ont.

1988 Grew Residence King City, Ont.

1987 Day Residence Penetanguishene, Ont.

1987 Mikkor Residence Toronto, Ont.

1987 Sabiston, Stripinis Residence Missisauga, Ont.

1987 Brasseur Residence Toronto, Ont.

1987 Connolly, Gordon Residence Milton, Ont.

1986 Hood, Barton Residence Toronto, Ont.

1986 Varley, Isreal Residence Toronto, Ont.

1986 Crowell Residence Hudson Heights, Que

1986 Harbord Bakery Toronto, Ont.

1986 Harsanyi Residence Pickering, Ont.

1986 Olah Residence Don Mills, Ont.

1986 Mott Residence Toronto, Ont.

1985 Aimers Residence King City, Ont.

1985 Butt Residence Sharon, Ont.

1985 Hix Residence Toronto, Ont.

1985 Brasseur Residence Lake Simcoe, Ont.

1984 Black Residence Don Mills, Ont.

1984 Mott Martial Arts Studio Toronto, Ont.

1983 Balderson Residence North York, Ont.

1983 Currie Residence Toronto, Ont.

1983 Mott Residence Toronto, Ont.

1982 Hathaway Residence Toronto, Ont.

1981 Office, Restaurant, Commercial 511 Bloor St., Toronto, Ont.

1980 Davidson Residence Toronto, Ont.

1980 DeBaradinis Residence Forest Hill, Toronto, Ont.

1973 McCoy Residence Rosedale, Toronto, Ont.

1971 Sinclair Radionics Factory Cambridge, G.B.

Research and Consulting

Low Cost Housing Milton Keynes Development Corp., Milton Keynes, G.B.

The development of low cost techniques for house construction. Construction of prototypes.

Ontario Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning

Energy and Cost Demand for Future and Existing Land Use Patterns.

This report is concerned with energy, land use, passive solar and climate design, and urban form.

It demonstrates how savings can be made in energy and capital investment of future Canadian development.

United Nations Seminar, Habitat and Energy, Ottawa

Report to the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning on the results of the seminar.

Ontario Ministry of Energy, District Heating Mission to Scandinavia

This report is based on study in Scandinavia and discusses the potential transferability of

district heating to the Ontario architecture and planning context.

Ontario Ministry of Energy, “Subdivisions and Sun”

Study demonstrates that “conventional” subdivision plans can be re-arranged

to provide for solar access for future passive and active solar homes.

Changes to the regulatory requirements are discussed and house planning options are suggested.

Project Planning Branch, Ministry of Housing, Townsend and Pickering New Towns

Overview on two Ontario new towns at the Energy Utilization in

Future Residential Communities Seminar

Ontario Ministry of Energy, “Sun Shadow Guide”

This manual provides an easy to use tool for architects and planners in determining shadows projected

from buildings and trees in order to protect solar access for future development.

C.M.H.C., Autonomously Serviced Settlements Study

Called “Housing with a Future”, John Hix Architect’s contribution dealt with

planning and layout principles for land use, passive solar heat and energy conservation.

Energy, Mines, and Resources, Canada, Energy Conservation in Multiple Dwellings

Commissioned by the Office of Energy Conservation, Energy Mines and Resources, Canada

to produce an up-to-date guide into the existing studies, surveys, programs, and publications

related to energy conservation in multiple-dwelling buildings, with the available material systematized,

adequately described and professionally critiqued.

C.M.H.C., Passive Solar Semi-detached and Townhouses

Prototypical passive solar designs and construction drawings

to be used by builders and developers throughout Canada.

National Research Council, Passive Solar Design Studies, High Rise

In collaboration with the Ontario Research Foundation, strategies are developed,

savings quantified and viable products identified for passive solar residential high rise.

City of Vancouver, Passive Solar and Energy Efficiency Critique

Commissioned to provide an overview of architecture and site planning

for the City’s passive solar project Champlain Heights, approximately 100 homes.

City of Toronto, Energy Report

This study describes varying orientations and cost benefit analysis for passive solar heat gain

and energy conservation techniques for narrow frontage townhouses;

commissioned by the City of Toronto Housing Department.

City of Edmonton, Energy Strategy for Mass Transit Station Areas,

This study for Du Toit Associates maps out the energy conservation potentially for

the new urban form to be built around the station areas. It discusses density, land use,

geometry, orientation, passive solar, transportation and communication.

Public Works Canada, Harbourfront Energy Demonstration

This study makes suggestions for demonstration of energy conservation at Toronto’s Harbourfront

including active and passive solar strategies.

Public Works Canada, Low Energy Office Completion LEBDA

Prize winner for office buildings in Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Design showed how to build efficient office buildings using only 7.6 Kwh/sf/yr for total energy

with 1.1 year payback on increased investment over normal wasteful designs using 30 kwh/sf/yr.

Designs used no new technology, but integrated architectural

and mechanical design to achieve these positive results.

National Research Council, Energy Conservation Window Study

This study, with Mason Windows Ltd., develops strategies that will

reduce energy loss through windows.

American Institute of Architects, Juror for Low Energy House Competition, Washington, D.C.

Garden Way Publishing and National Association of Home Builders held a competition

for low energy small houses. Thirty houses were selected, out of a field of 500, published in 1983.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Low Energy Greenhouse Design

In collaboration with the Ontario Research Foundation, an efficient modular greenhouse

appropriate to Canadian conditions will use solar energy as a major heat source.

A heat balance and thermal performance program is provided.

Savings over 45% of conventional heating are projected.